About STA

STA’s educatcropped-stalargeofficiallogo.jpgion is far more superior to most technical schools in the tri-state area.  Our classes are held in an atmosphere that is well suited for learning and retaining the knowledge of which is taught in the classes. Our instructors teach in a lecture type style,  we use manuals, work books, hand outs, writing on boards and power point presentations to give the best opportunity for a student to learn and retain the knowledge.  The classes are small so that we can give each individual our full attention.

Our three main instructors are very experienced in the field of their instruction and collectively they have a combined experience of 110 years between the three of them.

STA is administered by The Apartment House Institute from the City College of Technology and is co-sponsored by The Mechanics Institute.  Small classes are held on 46th Street while larger classes are held at East 90 street and/or the Mechanics Institute, as well as on site at your building or management office. The City College of Technology provides  STA with low cost or free classes pertaining to the field of building maintenance.

Students interact with instructors as well as with one another.  Learning is not just from books but also from field experience. The Educational arm of STA was officially formed in 2005.  In the last ten years of  instruction over 1200  people have obtained various licenses or certifications within the field of building maintenance, which includes but not limited to, certificate of fitness.

For more information, and to join contact Peter Grech at:  Petergrech911@gmail.com


STA Educational Service motto is

“Learn to Earn”