Certified Superintendent in Building Technologies CSBT®.

This certification is designed to raise the standard of excellence for Superintendents and Resident Managers of residential buildings, as well as to provide a standardized certification for Superintendents and Resident Managers.

Having this certification means that you are a Certified Superintendent or Resident Manager. The certification lets owners and boards know that you have a thorough knowledge of building systems and building operations/management.

Benefits of a Professional Certification:

  • When an individual becomes certified in a designated field, his/her professional achievement is recognized in the eyes of colleagues, as well as prospective employers and clients.
  • Certification establishes a standard of professional competence which is recognized throughout the industry.
  • Certification fosters professional development through encouragement of long-term career goals.
  • Certification promotes quality through Continuing Education to assure a high level of competence in constantly changing fields.
  • Employers value those who choose to develop their skills.

Requirements for Certification:

In order to become a Certified Superintendent in Building Technologies STA requires the meeting of specific educational and/or experience criteria, as well as the passing of a written examination.

Please see the class requirements on the Certification Program below to review complete program details.

In addition to the class requirements a candidate must possess an understanding of the basic trades of electrical and plumbing.

Continued Certification:

  • A Certified Superintendent in Building Technologies must apply for recertification every two years to STA, by proving that he or she has taken at least 8 hours of continued education in his or her field within that two year period.
  • Must be an STA member in good standing.

Responsibility of STA:

  • STA will maintain complete records of the Certified Superintendent/Resident Manager at all times.
  • STA upon demand or request by the Certified Superintendent/Resident Manager will provide proof of certification to an employer, or other, as designated by the certificate holder.

In closing:

The challenges in today’s job market are increasing with a flood of people from many different backgrounds and higher education making it harder for you to prove your experience and your credibility.  We as Superintendents and Resident Managers are expected to do more with less. Being certified can demonstrate your expertise and integrity to those who matter most—employers, owners and investors.

  • In general – Certified individuals are recognized as experts in their field and are at the top of the profession.
  • In general – 75% of those who are certified hold the better jobs and higher income in their field.

Certification is not for everyone! It is for those that are serious about their careers and want better jobs, better pay and want to become better at what they do!

The only question that remains – are your ready to take the next step to become a professional at what you do? Becoming certified in Building Technologies gives you a satisfaction of being knowledgeable and recognized for what you do!               

Email me at Pgrech4214@aol.com for more information.

For Certification information and classes click here Certification

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