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Building Maintenance Certifications Helps to “Maintain” Sanity and Jobs!

New York, New York – [February 17, 2012] – The Superintendents Technical Association, a non-for-profit organization is going over and above by offering expert educational and certification classes so that building maintenance workers, resident managers, porters, handymen and more can “maintain” their sanity and their jobs with a bit more ease than ever before.  Building Managers will be extremely grateful!

If you want to become a professional in maintaining your building, then the BST 301 is a class that should be taken. BST 301 is a class in a series of classes for certification; however, if someone is only interested in this class, other classes are not needed, as the classes are all designed to stand alone. Even if someone did not take a BST 201 class; for example, they can still take the BST 301.

BST 301 will focus and teach about routine maintenance, preventive and predictive maintenance, how to schedule, inspect and carry out maintenance on most building mechanical systems – whether it is a pre-war building or a more modern building, as well as, expected life on equipment, what, where, and when to perform maintenance on equipment, what to look for, and what to use on performing the maintenance.

This class will also help individuals/buildings develop a budget, do a building assessment on equipment, and create logs for inspections and maintenance. “Make no mistake there is no other class that comes close to this one.”  Peter Grech, Director of Education. The Superintendents Technical Association,

Founded in 1998 The Superintendents Technical Association, formerly known as the Superintendents Club of New York, has been a non-profit technical society from its inception, working to educate and professionalize building superintendents, resident managers, handy-persons, porters, and other multifamily building operating, support and maintenance personnel.


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Peter Grech, Director of Education




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