Get Smart

Get Smart

A Look at Educational Resources Available to New York Property Managers

By Keith Loria
The most successful property managers seem to have one thing in common: a sense they are working in a constantly changing industry. With building technology, administration, and communication methods constantly evolving, a savvy manager will always be learning about what’s happening with current trends and state laws to maintain top game.

While networking with other industry professionals is an excellent method of staying up-to-date (and reading The Cooperator is another smart move), the most beneficial way for a property manager to learn and develop is to continue his or her education.

Peter Grech, a resident manager and the director of educational services for New York City’s Superintendents Technical Association (NYSTA) states that “perceived value” is the most important benefit for property managers furthering their education. “Education adds value to the person taking the classes,” he says. “That value is then added to the management company value, and then to the buildings that they manage.”