Membership Renewal via Email

Renew Your Membership Via Email for 2017


ARegular Membership:  Superintendents, Resident Manager and Directors of Maintenance: $60.00

B. Porters, Handypersons, Doorman (PHD’s) : $30.00

C. Associated Members:

D. Property Managers and Owners: $100.00

E. Co-0p/Condo Board Members, Professionals: (various) : $75.00

F. Corporate e.g., Management Companies : $225.00

Please make payment using the buttons below.  Thank you.


Renewal Membership: $60.00

PHD’S: $30.00

Property Managers & Owners: $100.00

Co-op/Condo Board Members, Professionals, various: $75.00

Corporate e.g., Management Companies: $225.00

NOTE:  If you have already renewed your membership, please reply, and let us know so that we may update/correct our records.  Thank you. 

Please let us know if you do not wish to renew.  Thank you. 

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