Mission Statement

The Supers Technical Association of New York was formed in 1998 with five firm goals in mind:

1. To provide a society for building maintenance personnel – superintendents, handymen and porters, and others, in which to

  • SHARE expertise

  • LEARN of new equipment and maintenance procedures

  • ENCOURAGE each other toward greater professionalism, and

  • ENABLE supers and other maintenance personnel to have their own industry organization and publications;

2. To create an independent technical society that will conduct itself and finance its activities;3. To encourage and help, in whatever ways possible, other groups in other cities replicate our technical society in ways that will benefit them and the residents of those cities.

4. To bring dignity and respect to the building maintenance profession.

5. To help our members learn of the latest processes in use in our profession, especially in the area of computers and the internet.

We will do these things by conducting monthly meetings centered around various topics specific to New York Building Maintenance Personnel, in order to learn, encourage, and replicate, and by encouraging all in the profession to join and find an active role as a part of our technical society.

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