NEW Certificate of Fitness

Important Changes in Fire Dept Certificate of Fitness

New York City Fire Dept has changed most Certificate of Fitness that Superintendents and building workers hold. Most already know that the W-12 has changed to S-12. What most don’t know is that F- 10, F-11, F-12, F-13, F-14, F-14, F-16 and so on (see our attached pdf file of the old certificate of fitness and the new certificate of fitness for the complete list).

The change will not affect you now, only at the time for the renewal, unless you are going for one of them for the first time. Just before renewal, Fire Dept will send notice (as it usually does) but this time they will inform you that your current Certificate of Fitness will not be renewed, and will inform you of the New Certificate of Fitness and that you must take the EXAM. Or words to that affect.
STA is proud to be the first to notify people of this change. The changes come about due to the changes in the Fire Codes for New York City.

STA is in the process of revamping our current Z-00 class to reflect the new changes which mainly are S-11, S-12. S-13 and S-14. Make no mistake the test will be harder and longer. To this end our classes will also have to be longer, and unfortunately we will have to increase the cost to students due to the add cost of the longer classes.

STA should be ready by February to handle the changes.
Our Current Z-00 class which began this week is being modified as best as we can due to the short notice.

Pass this email on to others to inform them. Past this email on to your management company.

NOTE: While the new certificate of fitness don’t go into effect until your current one expires, they are in effect for new certificate of fitness and also the changes in the codes are also in effect. Please make sure you read the Yellow high-lighted area on the pdf.


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